In everyday life, in different situations, we hear the word quality and the best quality. There is no clear definition of quality, we are the ones who give value to it. From the customer’s point of view, value is mainly associated with the price or with the sense of his or her own benefit while the manufacturer’s is associated with the design, cost of production and with compliance with standards.
Some of the quality criteria are value, satisfaction, functionality, reliability, durability, continuous improvement, and when all this is met,customer confidence follows.
We strictly comply with legal obligations towards quality. Besides them, we always start from the conscience.
These are some of the criteria we meet:

  • ecological certificates of products being renewed once a year;
  • a high standard of our suppliers, including safety of products, raw material procurement, manufacturing process, warehousing, transportation and maintenance of the plant itself;
  • a cold-pressing process because valuable active ingredients, minerals and vitamins are preserved;
  • ecologically grown plants without the use of pesticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers, which ensures a high quality oil yield and a high percentage of essential minerals and vitamins;
  • the raw materials are not from GMO breeding;
  • the speed of transport is extremely important because in inadequate conditions the sensitive oil can oxidize;
  • we take small amounts of raw material so we can supply freshly pressed oils with a maximum shelf life and the products do not stay long in the warehouse;
  • the production space complies with the HACCP standard;
  • additionally, we carry out our internal control of raw materials, packaging and finished products;
  • to ensure product availability and quality, we maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers, continuously educate ourselves, invest in new product development, follow trends on the European and world organic products market and visit ecological world fairs.