About our Company

We like to call ourselves Bio Team because we are enthusiastic about nature and strive to live in harmony with nature as much as we can.
Every day is a new challenge, new chapter and a chance to learn something new and to come up with new discoveries.We like to develop and grow, to work on ourselves and to work on the development of our Bio Sativa Company and Brand.
With such approach and our lifestyle, we send good vibes, both to the relationships within the company and to our business as well as to our private environment.
Despite the efforts, with good vibration and positive team work, we are able to fulfill even the most demanding tasks and challenges. We give the best out of us – for you.
The company’s strategy is to develop creative, high-quality biological products, educate the general public and counseling potential customers about development of different projects and products in industrial hemp and other alternative cultures area.


Jure Zubak

After thirty years of work in the finance world, I decided to finally do what I like and to live in freedom. School and college have taught me some life skills, but when I got in and looked into myself, I found a whole new direction and path and decided to follow it boldly.
On this journey, I found myself again in the role of a beginner and faced all the challenges, obstacles, ignorance and with natural curiosity and persistence, I learned about business and I haven’t regretted that decision once.I realized that every day is a new opportunity for success and development.
As a team leader I am in charge of organizing, creating and designing new business ventures and business networking.
Among the first in the region I went into the world of industrial hemp, and as the result of time and effort I became industrial hemp business consultant. In addition to the main focus on industrial hemp, a significant part of my interest is breeding, processing and trading other alternative agricultural crops, medicinal and aromatic herbs.

Maja Pernar

I like to be in the library for hours, but also outdoors, in the nature. I can spend a whole day reading a book, but I can as well spend it with my friends or family.
I’m very adaptive person, where you put me – I find my way.
I’m a girl, a friend, a daughter and a sister. I am a person of trust and conversation. In my company you feel positive, calm, and as far as the business world is concerned, you know I will do the job and everything that needs to be done.
Just put me in the papers, and I’m happy. Probably that’s why I fit so well in Bio Sativa d.o.o. because everybody here knows exactly what to do and how to do it.
I’m doing everything related to office work, business communication, paperwork, e-mails etc.I look forward to all those who will get in contact with us, to come up with business cooperation or have the desire to introduce us and our business. I’m here to assist you with all questions or provide you with information.
Yours Maja